VOMA: The World’s First Entirely Online Art Museum.

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VoMA is a unique opportunity to hear the stories and histories of artists from across the world. Without the limitations of a physical location, access to a museum is possible to anyone with an internet connection. The museum becomes a truly communal experience where the voices of the visitors can be added to the conversation.

It affords us the opportunity to collaborate in new and innovative ways through a program of exhibitions, talks, screenings and events. The building itself can shift and adapt to house these new stories and perspectives.

The museum programme will speak to the disparate and yet universal nature of the human experience, bringing together ideas and perspectives and firing our collective imagination. VOMA aims to become a hub for debate and discussion around innovation through the digital, to the end of expanding access, enabling new approaches. Through collective ownership, through innovation and debate, we can re-examine what a museum is, how it should work, what it should do.

Lee Cavaliere, Director

Some of VOMA’s aims

Shared ownership: The audience will feel that they’re welcome, that they have a part to play, that their voices have an ear and that they own the space, and the art, together, for free. 

Anti-Nationalism: VOMA is nowhere, so it is everywhere; people from all corners of the globe have a place here and those who cannot reach it should be helped in by those who can. We will tell the stories of how art crosses geographical borders and is hemmed in by cultural ones. We’ll look at cultural history and the ongoing action of decolonisation. It will explore the power of art to reveal human stories, histories, successes and failings. 

Exploring and Celebrating Difference: The art world can at times seem homogenised, limited to specific geographic locations or points of view. VOMA encourages the discussion of all backgrounds and worldviews through art, defying homogeneity. It aims to create a space enriched by collision of cultures and ideals, embracing the difficulties and challenges that these differing views may bring. Through discussion and discourse, we can grow together. 

Innovation and Reflection: This is a new space, a new vision for museums, and will host new ideas about how the museum system is evolving and innovating. VOMA will be a gathering place for innovators within public museums and collections, creating a challenging and inspiring space for discussion and debate.

Celebrating Freedom: Art has been a voice for humanity to explore its freedoms but has also a tool to oppress and repress. VOMA will engage with these aspects of art history, looking unblinking at some of history’s more challenging moments, where art, and its destruction, were used as a means of oppression, and the ways in which these moments were, and were not, overcome. 

Telling Truth to History: VOMA will raise a critical eyeglass to some of the art worlds murkier corners, examining hidden narratives around corruption and moral decay that have helped some aspects of the artworld to perpetuate an air of exclusivity and opulence that excludes large parts of the populace. 

Listen and response: VOMA will host a vibrant and energetic conversation for all. It will grow and evolve through constant feedback and input from visitors. It will partner with individuals, groups and institutions worldwide to broaden the scope of the discussion. It will host talks, seminars, giving voice and encouraging debate.