This is where you can come to read further on the artists and concepts you’ve encountered here at VOMA. 

With thanks to Xavier Lust for providing the Reading Room bench:

Gallery Zero, Room 1: Breaking Into Colour

Yves Klein
A Brief History of Yves Klein Blue

Some facts about Yves Klein

Biography and Life

How to Mix YKB

Conserving Klein: MoMA Convservation

Yves Klein, Anthropométrie de l'Epoque Bleue (1960)

Joan Mitchell
Joan Mitchell Foundation

Hundreds of images, archival material and history of the artist and her work.

To Define A Feeling - Thoughts from Joan Mitchell

The Paintings of Joan Mitchell

Vincent Van Gogh

Gallery Zero, Room 2: Reclaiming the Body

Ana Mendieta

Gallery One: Entartete Kunst ("Degenerate Art")

Artist Space: Dani Marti

Discoveries: Helen Blejerman

Helen Blejerman


Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio
Lygia Clark

Information and images from the 2014 MoMA exhibition, Lygia Clark: The

Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

An Essay on Clark’s Geometric Work

MoMA’s exhibition of 2017:

Gilbert and George

Essay: “A Door of Hell”: Thresholds, Crisis, and Morality in the Art of Gilbert and George in the 1970s: Article by Gregory Salter
Essay: The Lives of the Artists: 50 years of Gilbert & George

Paula Rego

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec